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2nd February 2010

To whom it may concern,

In the early 1980s Ductile Sections Ltd became involved in the production of cable management systems and the complimentary metal framework systems. As a company founded in 1935 there was abundant experience in cold roll forming of metals and this technical knowledge enabled Ductile Sections to be the first company in the world to manufacture cable trays by a roll forming method.

Ductile Sections was involved in extensive research and development programmes to evaluate market requirements and following evaluation offer efficient and competitive solutions. Components for these comprehensive catalogue ranges were subject to rigorous testing routines to ensure customer satisfaction. Maintaining quality standards was a vital factor. Ductile Sections established supply contracts only with quality certified raw material sources and operated quality control procedures across all company activity. In fact Ductile Sections was involved in the industry association committee work to draft appropriate British and European standards.

Although Ductile Sections has ceased product manufacture the wealth of technical knowledge has been made available to Power Solution Industries (PSI) through an exclusive consultancy agreement in U.A.E. Ductile Sections has been extensively involved in the development of the PSI product range and PSI are able to benefit from more than 20 years experience in a U.K. based company supplying cable management systems worldwide.

In the current construction industrial environment any specifier of cable management systems needs to be fully satisfied that their potential suppliers have:

  1. Technical knowledge of the industry.
  2. Comprehensive product range.
  3. Ability to advise on installation solutions.
  4. Fully established quality control procedures.
  5. Efficient and competitive manufacturing methods.
  6. Reliable delivery service.
  7. Flexibility to respond to clients’ needs.

PSI is ideally suited to provide that satisfaction to Middle East clients in every respect.

  • Technical knowledge of the industry is a very positive company strength. This is not only based on the skill and experience of PSI personnel but their ability to refer questions to an established U.K. based consultancy at Ductile Sections Ltd.
  • PSI has adopted and implemented internationally recognised quality standards to source raw materials and control manufacture.
  • PSI is committed to a company policy of continuous quality improvement.
  • PSI already has a range of sophisticated modern machinery and tooling, which guarantees efficient performance with a diligent and dedicated workforce.
  • PSI invests in a structured research and development programme to enhance the product range and manufacturing efficiencies.
  • PSI has an enviable reputation for reliable deliveries for both large and smaller projects.
  • PSI is a company achieving product reliability, which equates to or exceeds larger worldwide competitors.
  • PSI is making a significant contribution to the local economy and is an organisational size that can respond rapidly to the various market demands that are imposed.

There can be no hesitation in recommending PSI to potential clients who are demanding supply from companies that are able to demonstrate the strength of their technical ability, which will be required in the execution of significant contracts.

For and on behalf of Ductile Sections Ltd

Gordon Nicklin
Managing Director

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